Complete Engineering can manufacture production runs of any size and any quantity. We offer a hydraulic design service ranging from component specification to complete hydraulic system design, fabrication, installation and commissioning. We have CNC machining capabilities as well as precision machining, fabrication and welding expertise.


With NZ’s green image, the fertiliser spreading industry is under pressure to apply controlled rates of fertiliser. The best way is to electronically control hydraulic cylinders on the hopper box of the plane to accurately apply measured amounts of fertiliser.

To do this successfully, CEH built cylinders from Aluminium and Titanium to cope with the corrosion caused from fertiliser.



When Complete Engineering & Hydraulics was called upon to manufacture and deliver a stainless steel hydraulic ram for use on a super yacht they did not hesitate in taking on the challenge and responded with a top quality product that has set the benchmark in aquatic cylinders. As technology evolved Complete Engineering has stayed on the forefront of super yacht hydraulics developing specialised aluminium cylinders manufactured from raw materials with and without cylinder telemetry feedback.

We manufacture and supply both one off special and small production runs of very specialised stainless marine cylinders for both the New Zealand and international super yacht industry.